About Kaydo's Kleaning

Kaydo's Kleaning is a small business based in Fremont, Ohio. We offer professional cleaning services for business and residential clients. The size of our business allows for a custom cleaning service that you are sure to love! 

Ellie Holland

Ellie Holland is co-owner of Kaydo's Kleaning. She has over five years of experience in professional cleaning. She likes to be well-organized and is prepared to do everything she can to make her clients happy. She believes that communication plays a key role in customer satisfaction and makes it a priority that her customers are heard and happy!

Shane Bowers

Shane Bowers is co-owner of Kaydo's Kleaning. He has a few years of experience in cleaning. Shane is great with handling the bigger equipment that makes our client's floors shine! He takes a personal and fun-loving approach to interacting with clients. Shane is the perfect mix of professionalism and fun. He works hard to make our clients happy and has fun while doing it!


Kaydo is the inspiration of Kaydo's Kleaning. He loves to fetch balls and chase squirrels. He represents our business because he is likable and fun. No one is a stranger to Kaydo, just like there are no strangers in Kaydo's Kleaning. When you work with us, you receive personal attention that makes all the difference in your service!